The deserted hearts factory

Title: The deserted hearts factory

Author: Elisa Fumis

Publisher: self-publishing

Genre: romance/fantasy

Language: American English

Pages: 113

Price: 0.99 $ (ebook); 6 $ (paperback)

Publication date: May 27, 2021 (ebook); May 29, 2021 (paperback)


On the North Pole there’s a factory where some elves pick up, fix and wrap all the gifts that have been abandoned, lost or broken.

Gabriel, Roxie and Eric don’t know eachother, but they end up there for a reason: helping Santa’s elves to wrap the gifts for children all around the world in exchange for meals and accomodation. They have nothing to lose and can spend nearly two months in a charming land far from the hectic city life, between gifts and confidences.

The deserted hearts factory is a romance novel with a hint of fantasy, an enviromentalist side and a message to give.

Ebook cover

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