Looking for you (English version)

When I was little, I used to dream of finding a person who could understand me and love me. I used to feel lonely, incomplete. I was always looking for something, or someone, as if I were missing a piece of my soul. As if I had lost something valuable a long time back. I was always looking far away, looking for someone. I used to write messages on stones, hoping I’d be found. Found by someone. Sometimes I’d sit by the window, watching the soap bubbles fly away, hoping they wouldn’t pop straight away so they could reach that someone. I loved to think there was actually someone, somewhere, willing to meet me and get to know me. We could have met at a book store or a café. At some train station, on the track number 2. Maybe we’d have recognized eachother at first glance. ”Hi, I’ve finally found you and now I don’t want to let you go. I want to talk to you about the songs playing on the radio, about all the lame movies I saw in theaters, about those times in which I’ve been hurt and abandoned. I’ve been hurt too, you know? It hasn’t been easy for me to find you, it hasn’t been easy for me to live without knowing you. I would never have wanted to let you feel lonely, I’ve been really lonely too. Now let’s get to know eachother, let’s talk about all the romances we’ve had and the inexistent ones, about all the wasted words and those not yet used. I want to talk to you until my throat gets dry. And even if I felt really tired because of a stressing day, I’d still spend time with you, stifling yawns. Because I’ve left you alone too many times, and you don’t deserve emptiness and silence, you only deserve the best things in life.” If only that someone had existed… Even without knowing him face or him name I would have recognized him, because he wouldn’t have looked away. And I’d really have wanted that someone to be you.

(Elisa Fumis)

Idee su cosa regalare a Natale

Pensare ai regali di Natale e andare in giro per negozi vi stressa? Ho la soluzione che fa al caso vostro!

Di seguito vi propongo delle valide opzioni divise per categorie, in ordine decrescente di prezzo. Buoni acquisti!


La Moglie Tra di Noi – S. Pekkanen e G. Hendricks €15+ commentoamazon
Vox – Christina Dalcher €15+  amazon
Io sono il messaggero – Markus Zusak €15+  amazon
Totto-chan, la bambina alla finestra – T. Kuroyanagi €10+ commentoamazon
La strana biblioteca – Haruki Murakami €10+  amazon
Norwegian wood. Tokyo blues – Haruki Murakami €10+  amazon
I salici ciechi e la donna addormentata – Haruki Murakami €10+  amazon
Your Name – Makoto Shinkai €10+  amazon
1984 – George Orwell €10+  amazon
Le Quattro Casalinghe di Tokyo – Natsuo Kirino €10+  amazon
La Ragazza dello Sputnik – Haruki Murakami €10+  amazon
Parole Sbagliate – Elisa Fumis €5+  recensione • commenti dei miei lettoriamazon
Meno di zero – Bret Easton Ellis €5+  amazon
La Figlia Sbagliata – Jeffery Deaver €5+  amazon
La Tela di Carlotta – E.B. White €5+  recensione • amazon
Solo con gli occhi – Wataya Risa €5+  amazon
Lo Squalificato – Osamu Dazai €5+  breve commento • amazon
Kitchen – Banana Yoshimoto €5+  amazon
Il coperchio del mare – Banana Yoshimoto €5+  amazon
Dio salvi Lennon – Tony Parsons €5+  amazon


A Silent Voice (7 volumi) €25+ recensioneamazon volume 1
Your Name (3 volumi) €15+  amazon
Tom Sawyer (volume unico) €10+ amazon
Maison Reiroukan (2 volumi) €10+ volume 1 amazonvolume 2 amazon
5 Cm Al Secondo (2 volumi) €10+ volume 1 amazon • volume 2 amazon
Il cane che guarda le stelle (volume unico) €5+ amazon
Shino non sa dire il suo nome (volume unico) €5+ recensioneamazon
La Voce delle Stelle (volume unico) €5+ recensioneamazon
Elisa in Ghostland (volume unico) €5- breve commento • amazon
Chopperman alla riscossa (volume unico) €5- amazon


Piano Forest (DVD o Blu-ray) €15+  amazon
La ragazza che saltava nel tempo (DVD o Blu-ray) €15+  amazon
Your Name (DVD o Blu-ray) €10+  amazon
Pets: Vita da Animali (DVD o Blu-ray) €5+  amazon
Un’Estate con Coo (DVD o Blu-ray) €5+  amazon

Prodotti di bellezza

Profumo Flowerbomb Viktor&Rolf (120 ml) €120+  amazon
Profumo Flowerbomb Viktor&Rolf (20 ml) €35+ amazon
Shampoo Miya (200 ml) €10+  miya
Conditioner Miya (200 ml) €10+  miya
Olio Miya (100 ml) €20+  miya

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